Our services

We provide small and large businesses with simple and accessible card payment products to suit specific needs and at the same time design sophisticated bespoke applications to provide unique solutions.

Payments on the move

The Optimus Pay group has its roots firmly in the world of mobile payments — back in 2006 before smartphones, and before mobile payments were cool. Our first offering was a card processing service for licenced taxi drivers, making card payments accessible to passengers and drivers on the move.

Today, we process millions of card transactions each year on behalf of our customers, both face-to-face and online. We still serve our customers on the move, including licensed taxi drivers, private hire fleets, and executive travel providers.

Bespoke solutions

If your business has a unique payments problem, we may well be the team to help you solve it. In our experience, for larger businesses payments don't come as a standalone problem to solve; rather, the payment element is just one part of a much bigger and more substantial value proposition. We work closely with our large customers to identify and reduce areas of complexity, risk and cost, from compliance and fraud to settlement and reconciliation.